Le Bournaguet stands in 35 hectares (85 acres) of grounds on the summit of a flat-topped hill with panoramic views of the Dordogne countryside. Behind the small cottage (on the north east side of the house), there are plenty of parking space, hidden and protected by trees.

The house is surrounded by flower beds, shrubs, a wide variety of trees, numerous fruit trees and a “potager”/ kitchen garden. Large lawns on the south and west sides of the house sweep down to the swimming pool, the pool house and the tennis court.

The park includes a few outside living rooms, long chairs and Fatboys/outside sofas/long chairs easily movable to sit anywhere in the garden.

A Fatboy hamac is also movable by a table tennis or elsewhere.
The variety of trees offer fruits during all parts of the summer.
Each wood surrounding the house has different properties and enable long walks or run/trecks under the sun or in the shadows.
The park includes a pond inside one of the close woods.